Soybeans are used exclusively to craft Silken Tofu , Soy Milk , and Firm Tofu .

They are obtained from Tropical Gardens in 1.10 and Stalk Gardens in previous versions.

Placing a Grown Soybean into a crafting grid will get you a Soybean Seed which can be planted.

Harvesting a grown soybean can be done by right-clicking on the plant or breaking the plant and replanting the seed.

The Presser converts Soybeans into Tofu Products.


Crafting Uses:Edit

Soybeans can be crafted with other ingredients to make Hoisin Sauce , Veggie Strips , Mixed Salad , Garden Soup , Soy Sauce , Veggie Bait and Stock


Soybeans in a presser will create Silken Tofu and Grain Bait . Silken Tofu in a Presser will get you Soy Milk and Firm Tofu

Soybean to Silken Tofu

Soybean to Silken Tofu and Grain Bait

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