Peas are a re-growth bush vegetable. One Pea restores half a hunger bar.

From left to right: planted Pea seed, crop ready for harvest, harvested crop.

Crafting a pea seed.


Peas can be planted directly on tilled dirt, or crafted into Pea seeds and then planted on tilled dirt. Harvesting Peas is done by right-clicking the mature plant.


Recipes Using Peas
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Crafting Recipe Notes
Stock (x3) Pot + Mixing Bowl + Bone or any Meat or Firm Tofu or any Vegetable
Stock Recipe.png
Steamed Peas Pot + Peas + Water Bucket or Fresh Water + Salt
SteamedPeas Recipe.png
Split Pea Soup Pot + Peas + Cooked Porkchop or Firm Tofu + Black Pepper + Stock
SplitPeaSoup Recipe.png
Peas and Celery Mixing Bowl + Celery + Peas + Lemon + Black Pepper
PeasAndCelery Recipe.png
Old World Veggie Soup Pot + Stock + Onion + Peas + Barley
OldWorldVeggieSoup Recipe.png
Spring Salad Cutting Board + Lettuce + any Vegetable or Sunflower Seeds or Walnut + Mixing Bowl
SpringSalad Recipe.png
Spicy Greens Saucepan + Mixing Bowl + Cooking Oil + Mustard + Lettuce or Broccoli or Peas + Onion + Black Pepper + Garlic
SpicyGreens Recipe.png
Cottage Pie Bakeware + Raw Beef + Potato + Carrot + Dough + Peas

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