Orange Tree w Oranges

You farm oranges by finding a wild growing tree, collecting its oranges when they become ripe (you know because, if you have particles on, and you right click and it gives you a heart, or it will destroy instantly and drop an orange if you punch it). Combining the orange with a Jungle Sapling will make an Orange Sapling. Plant this and when it grows up, there will be unripe, colorless oranges on it. Wait until the oranges are orange and very large then destroy the orange and wait for it to regrow.


Name of Recipe Ingredients Picture
Orange Juice Orange + Juicer
Orange Smoothie Orange + Snowball + Juicer
Orange Yogurt Orange + Plain Yogurt
Orange Jelly Saucepan + Orange + Sugar + Juicer
Orange Soda Pot + Bubbly Water + Orange Juice + Sugar
Orange Chicken Saucepan]] Mixing Bowl + Orange + Raw Chicken or Firm Tofu + Sugar + Rice + Broccoli|
Jaffa Bakeware + Egg + Sugar + Flour + Chocolate Bar + Orange
Fruit Punch Sugar + any Fruit + Juicer
Fruit Salad Cutting Board + any Fruit x2 + Mixing Bowl
Fruit Crumble Bakeware + any Fruit + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter