HarvestCraft Wiki

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 is a Minecraft mod pack adding food items, their ingredients, and recipes to the game. It is the successor to Harvestcraft 1 and consists of the Food Core mod with the optional additions of Crops, Trees, and Food Extended.


While the Food Core mod adds recipes to the vanilla Minecraft food items, Crops and Trees add new items. Many of these are identical to those of HarvestCraft 1, but some also differ in appearance or crafting recipe, and some are new altogether, such as the new utensil Roller. Food Extended expands on the recipe and food list even further. Not all items of Harvestcraft 1 have been added to Harvestcraft 2, but more are expected to be added.


As recipes gradually get added, earlier versions of Harvestcraft 2, such as 1.14.4, may not yet include many items in either Food Core or Food Extended. These may be added to later iterations, for example Pancakes or Waffles are available as of 1.16. Machines, including Traps, and Animal Baits also do not exist in Harvestcraft 2.

Beeswax, Wax and Candles have also been removed, but the Honey and Bees that have been added to Vanilla Minecraft with the Buzzy Bees update have been incorporated to be used with Harvestcraft recipes instead. Honeycomb can be crafted from Candleberry.

All mods of the Harvestcraft 2 modpack are available for Minecraft 1.14.4 to 1.18.2. The Food Core mod is available for versions up to 1.18.2.

There are no versions of Harvestcraft compatible with Minecraft 1.13.