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HarvestCraft Wiki is a wiki for information, strategies, and news related to the mod HarvestCraft and its sequel Harvestcraft 2 of Minecraft. It is a collaborative community website that anyone—including yourself—can edit. HarvestCraft Wiki is not affiliated with HarvestCraft's creator and is not involved in its development. Suggestions for updates or error reports with the mod should be communicated to the developer directly. Still, don't be shy to discover new delights, share your passion, and add your own knowledge here!


Harvestcraft 1 is no longer being updated past Minecraft 1.12. It is instead succeeded by Harvestcraft 2 for versions of 1.14 and onward. If recipes differ between Harvestcraft 1, Harvestcraft 2, or very early versions of Harvestcraft, they are given separately on the item page. Not all food items of Harvestcraft 1 may have been added to its successor yet, and they may or may not be added in the future either, at the discretion of its developer. Items present in Harvestcraft 2 are tagged accordingly.


An example of fruit tree

A beehive found on a tree in a vanilla forest

A cinnamon tree

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