Grapes are Fruits that comes from Berry Gardens or Tropical Gardens. When eaten, it restores 1 hunger point (or 0.5 drumsticks).

Grapes can be used as they are, can used in a furnace to make Raisins.


Placing a Grape in the crafting grid gives you a Grape Seed, which can also be found by breaking Grass.

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Grape Seed
Grape Growth

Left: Freshly-planted, Middle: Mature, Right: Newly-harvested

To farm the Grapes, you plant and grow the seeds (or the Grapes itself) on tilled soil, once they're fully grown you can right-click them, harvest the Grape and let them grow again. When harvested by right-click, the plant doesn't break, and yields 1-3 Grapes.


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Furnace Edit

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Here are all the recipes using Grapes:

Recipes Using Grapes
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Crafting Recipe Notes
Raisins Grape in a Furnace
Raisins Recipe
Restores 1 hunger point
Cooking Oil Grape Seed in Presser
Grape Salad Grape + Fruit Salad
GrapeSalad Recipe
Grape Juice GrapeJuicer
GrapeJuice Recipe
Restores1/2 hunger point
Vinegar Grape Juice + Pot
Vinegar Recipe
Grape Yogurt GrapePlain Yogurt
GrapeYogurt Recipe
Restores 2 hunger points
Grape Soda Grape + Pot + Bubbly Water + Sugar
GrapeSoda Recipe
Grape Jelly Grape + Saucepan + Sugar + Juicer
GrapeJelly Recipe
Grape Smoothie Juicer + Snowball + Grape
Fruit Punch Sugar + any Fruit + Juicer
StrawberryFruitPunch Recipe
Restores 1 hunger point
Fruit Salad Cutting Board + any Fruit x2 + Mixing Bowl
Restores 3 hunger points
Recipes Using Raisins
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Crafting Recipe
Trail Mix

Roasted Nuts or Salted Sunflower Seeds + Raisins + Chocolate Bar

TrailMix Recipe
Raisin Cookies

Bakeware + Flour + Egg or Firm Tofu + Sugar + Raisins

RaisinCookies Recipe
Walnut Raisin Bread

Bakeware + Walnut + Raisins + Dough + Ground Cinnamon

WalnutRaisinBread Recipe
Spice Bun

Bakeware + Flour + Milk or Fresh Milk or Soy Milk + Ground Nutmeg + Ground Cinnamon + Raisins

SpiceBun Recipe