Cooked Venison

Cooked Venison

Empty Grid
Grid Cooked Venison
Type Food
Name Cooked Venison
ID Name harvestcraft:venisoncookeditem
Stackable Yes (64)
Restore 2 (Hunger.png)
5 (Half Saturation.pngSaturation.pngSaturation.png)
Category Meat

Cooked Venison is a Meat added in version 1.7.10 of HarvestCraft.

In 1.10 Cooked Tofenison was added as a meat substitute to Cooked Venison.

In 1.7.10 Firm Tofu can substitute for Cooked Venison.


Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Venison +
Any Fuel
Furnace GUI.gif
Raw Venison
Cooked Venison

Prior to 1.10.2, Raw Tofenison could be used as well.

In Version 1.7.10 the Oven is available to replace the furnace.


Cooked Venison can be combined with other ingredients to create: