Cooked Tofacon

Cooked Tofacon

Empty Grid
Grid Cooked Tofacon
Type Food
Name Cooked Tofacon
ID Name harvestcraft:cookedtofaconitem
Stackable Yes (64)
Restore 2 (Hunger.png)
5 (Half Saturation.pngSaturation.pngSaturation.png)
Category Meat

Cooked Tofacon is a Meat substitute for Cooked Porkchops that restores 2 hunger (1 shank) and 5 saturation. Tofacon has been added in version 1.10.



Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Tofacon +
Any Fuel
Furnace GUI.gif
Raw Tofacon
Cooked Tofacon

Uses Edit

Cooked Tofacon can be used in any recipe which calls for Cooked Meat or Cooked Porkchop, which includes: