Walnut Tree

Grown Walnut Tree

Chestnuts are a Nut grown from a Tree. Most recipes allow Chestnuts to be interchanged with other nuts.


The first way is to find a naturally generated Chestnut Trees in warm forests and use it to farm Chestnuts by waiting for the Chestnut to ripen, then harvesting with right-click. Using Left-Click will break the bud and the nut will not regrow.

The second way is to craft a Chestnut Sapling and plant as normal. Bonemeal can be used to ripen the nut faster.


Chestnuts can be eaten as is to fill 1 hunger (half a shank) with no saturation effect.

Chestnuts can be combined with other Ingredients to create:


Oven (1.7.10) or FurnaceEdit

Unlike Walnuts, Chestnuts cannot be placed in the Presser